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A reality shows us otherwise, any cooperation they see as a reflection of our weaknesses, for them it creates the belief that everything can be achieved with the pressures of giving them a good recipe for further action towards us. It should also be noted that, according to those who opposed them were far more "generous" even though they were of course less tapped on the shoulder. Rejection of the Vance-Owen plan and continued Serbian fighting in Bosnia led to far more favorable Dayton Agreement.
Determined resistance in the bombing of 99 led to Resolution 1244, which, with all its shortcomings, however, are far better than all the packages and arrangements since 2000 Decision that the road to EU bezalternativan, to be handed over to all the accused to The Hague, "reformed" army, let Kosovo Serbs on it into the water did not lead to the cessation of Western support to anyone who is in conflict with the Serbs. I continue to advocate strengthening the autonomy of Vojvodina, which should lead to a confederal status of Serbia and the pro-independence organizations such as the Association of Independent Journalists of Vojvodina receive financial support from organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy, backed by the American government.
For Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the other hand, says that it should be centralized to be effective. A tolerated and quiet pressure on the Serbs in Montenegro aimed at their assimilation. Formed in 2009, an informal group called "Friends of Sandzak" consisting of the ambassadors of the United States, Germany, France, Turkey and Great Britain. He had never heard even public support for the territorial integrity of the (truncated) Serbia, while support for the territorial integrity of its neighbors regularly mentioned.
Of course, there are limits to how far it should go in resisting, as there is a chance that in the game of chess infamously passed, but obedience and non-resistance are up to the ignominious end of the safe way! What would you therefore could do a national government that is responsible to the Parliament had the kind most of what currently has Vucic? Could primarily to give up the Euro-integration, despite the fact that Serbia has no reason to seek membership in organiziji that it is geopolitically unfriendly could learn a lesson from the negative experiences of the countries of Eastern Europe that EU membership has not brought benefits, with whom we have much more similarities than the developed western economies. Also, with the monitor and turning those countries that are friendly to us, especially Russia, but also attempt to establish good relations with Bulgaria and Romania, and is also part of our region, but somehow usually forgotten.

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